Getting Started Guide: For Students

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2014 02:28PM EDT

What is Magnus Health SMR?

Magnus Health Student Medical Record (SMR) is a web-based document management system customized for a school, a regulatory agency, state government, or a hospital (for health programs) to maintain required health information. Your school is using Magnus Health SMR to maintain documentation needed for your program.

What to expect when you login.

When you login to your account you will be prompted to complete your tracker. You may upload, fax, or mail your records to Magnus Health to complete requirements.  The option to upload records directly to your account will only be available if the school allows this method of submission.  Your school will then have access to review your information to make sure you are compliant with program requirements.

What is a tracker?

A tracker is a list of requirements that you must complete for your school. Your school may use your tracker as a way to classify you by graduating year, location, etc.

What is a requirement?

A requirement is an item that you need to complete for your tracker. You must answer each requirement by submitting a document, yes/no, or text answer. Your school creates these requirements especially for your program, so you will need to complete these requirements according to their specifications.

How do I submit my information?

Documents can be submitted via upload, fax, or mail, depending on the options selected by the school.

  • Click here for instructions on how to upload documents directly to your account.

  • Click here for instructions on how to fax or mail your records to Magnus Health.

Tip: Uploading your records is the quickest way to submit them to your account. If you submit your documents by fax or mail, it will take one to two business days after they are received to process them, and load them to your account.

What do the status symbols mean?

After submitting your records, the status of your requirement may be complete and pending school approval, approved, or rejected. “Requirement Complete, Pending School Approval” means you have successfully submitted your requirement and it is pending approval. 

Once your record has been reviewed by the review administrator, it will either be “Approved”, “Approved until month day, year”, or “Rejected”.  “Approved” means there is no further action necessary for this requirement.  “Approved until month day, year” means your record has been approved but will expire on the stated date.  You can view more information by clicking “View details of Next Action”. 

“Rejected” means that your requirement has been rejected by your review administrator. You can view information regarding why your record was rejected by clicking “View Rejection Reason”.

How do I know my tracker is complete?

You will know your tracker is complete when all of your requirements have been answered and the tracker summary status bar on the top right of your start page says “You are complete!”