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When I use snail mail, how long does it take Magnus to process these records?

We understand that mailing records to Magnus Health using the US Postal Service, or other carrier methods may seem more convenient for some Magnus users. 

When mailing records to Magnus Health, please note: RECORDS ARE NOT PROCESSED ON WEEKENDS NOR DURING HOLIDAYS

Mail pick-up during:
Non-Peak season (Mid- Sept through May): Our Medical Records staff perform mail pick-up 2 to 3 times a week.
Peak season (April through Early Sept): Our Medical Records staff perform mail pick-up 3 to 5 times a week.

Upon receipt of mailed records, it usually take 2-3 business days for records to then be processed into a users account. Once the records are processed, parents will receive a "mailed records receipt" emailed confirmation. What this means, basically, the records that were mailed are now in your students account. 

When records are received and processed by Magnus, the parent is notified via email and then the records are accessible for parent and school admin view.

Records that are mailed to Magnus can still be accessed by parents at anytime until the record becomes rejected.

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