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How to Process Payment

Processing a payment through the secure site is the most time efficient option to ensure your account is immediately updated.

IMPORTANT! International credit cards cannot be processed online at this time. Please use one of the options below.
  • Call Magnus Health support at (877) 461-6831 or International users (919) 502-7689 to have a customer service representative process your payment manually over the phone.
  • We can accept debit cards, pre-paid cards and credit cards over the phone. If using a pre-paid card, please be sure to have $1.00 more than your authorization fee on the card.
  • Send a check or money order via mail.  Please use our "Magnus Health Check or Money Order Payment Form" to mail a check or money order to us. Form accessible below.

​You may be attempting to process your payment and notice there is no box to type in your card number. 

To find step by step instructions to enable Javascript on your computer visit:
  • Be sure that you are using a personal computer
  • Update your computer software (most users report the greatest success using Google Chrome)
  • Enable Javascript in your computer settings
  • Refresh your page and the card number box should appear


Check_or_Money_Order_Payment_Authorization_Form.pdf Check_or_Money_Order_Payment_Authorization_Form.pdf

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