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Texas Students - How to Submit Records (Upload)

After you have obtained a copy of your vaccination records or obtained a vaccination, here are the steps for submitting your record into your Magnus account.

To view an 86 sec. brief visual of this process, click here

Step-by-Step Instructions

Log  into your Magnus account and click on the Click Here button next to your name.

Click on Click Here from the To-Do List page to choose how you would like to submit your records.

Please be sure to click and read the Important! View Approval Guidelines section of your account to see what forms can be uploaded or faxed and what forms must be mailed.

If you would like to submit records by upload:

Click Yes, Submit when you see the question listed belowMake sure you have already scanned and saved your document to your computer; accepted files in addition to PDF are png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif.

On the next screen, click how you desire to submit your records either by Upload or Fax/Mail

To upload your record, click Browse to search your computer or mobile device for the file. If you need to upload multiple files (because there are multiple pages to your record) you have the option to upload those additional files.

To choose an additional file, click Add Another, and another box will appear; click Browse and search for the additional file. Once you have added the necessary file, click Upload File(s).

  After you have submitted your forms, you will see that your submission has been saved successfully. When you return to your "To-Do" List you will see that your number of requirements have changed and your status should reflect "Complete Pending Approval". You are able to log into your Magnus account at anytime to check the status of your record. 

After an approval, it is the responsibility of your school to remove any holds from your academic account. You will ONLY be emailed from Magnus if your document is rejected, stating a rejection reason. 

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Help Desk:
 1 (877) 461-6831. 
Users outside of the US can call us at: 1 (919) 502-7689 
Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs 9am - 6pm EST and Friday 9am - 5pm EST

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