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Why did I get an error message when uploading

There are a few different factors that will cause a student to receive an error message when attempting to upload records into their Magnus account.

When you encounter an error, you should see an  error message in red appear  above the Upload Form button. 

You will either see:

There was an illegal character with this file. Please rename it and submit again.
The file you are trying to upload is too large. Please try again.
  • ​When the file name contains an illegal character it means that something went wrong during the scanning process internally. You will need to re-scan the document and save it on your computer. This usually happens when using a work related computer (due to workplace firewalls) or when acessing your account from out of date browser.
  • We recommend trying to use a different browser (for example Chrome or Firefox) to upload the newly scanned document. Most users experience success with uploading records when they log into their Magnus account from a mobile device and upload their documents by snapping a photo of the record.
  • The document can only be uploaded if it is less than 5MB.  If you need assistance converting your file into PDF format, please click here  for instructions

​As a suggestion, use at your own risk: On this site you can convert images into PDF's, combine (merge) all pages and compress the records so that you can upload them into your Magnus account.

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