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How Do I Upload a Record to a Requirement

Some requirements in your To-Do List will say "Turn it in" in the actions column. These documents need to be printed, filled out, and then uploaded to your account.

Here is a quick visual.

​Step-by-Step Instructions

Accepted files in addition to PDF are png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif.

Select Complete Now next to your child's name to access their To-Do List.

Once your have completed, scanned, and saved the document to your computer, you can choose Turn it in located in the action column of the requirement.

Select Yes, submit 

Select Upload 

Choose Browse to select the saved document.

Choose Upload File(s).

​Tips and Tricks

Once a file is added, you also have the option to upload additional files into that requirement. This option is useful if you have two separate documents saved on your computer and need to submit them as one document to meet or update a specific requirement. Selected files can be previewed before submitting. Each individual file will be listed on the left and viewable on the right.

To choose an additional file, choose Have more than one page? Add another, and another box will appear.

Select Browse and once the file is selected choose Upload File(s). If more records need to be added choose I need to add more files.

If the files look correct, select Upload Files.

If you need to start over, select Start Over.

When you click Finish your files will be uploaded into the requirement and "Close" this screen.

You will see a Saved Successfully confirmation on the next screen.

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