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Where is the cover sheet required for Fax/Mail

Here's how to obtain the personalized coversheet to send documents to us via FAX or MAIL

There are a few different ways to obtain the corresponding coversheet personalized for your student



Select Complete Now next to a child's name to enter their To-Do List.

Then choose Print Blank forms located directly below your child's photo/avatar.

From the drop down select Print Cover pages Only

Next select the check box of the specific requirements you would like cover pages for.

Choose Print.

Here is a brief tutorial of Option 1.


Select Complete Now next to a child's name to enter their To-Do List.

Choose Turn it in or answer Yes in the action column of the requirement.

Select Yes, Submit to access the document submission page.

Choose No, Fax/Mail to download the personalized coversheet.

Lastly, choose "Yes, Download Coversheet"

Here is a brief visual 
of Option 2.

Tips and Tricks

The fax number will be automatically generated on the coversheet. The mailing address is also located on the coversheet along with important information and instructions regarding the fax/mailing process.

Warning: Your personalized coversheet has a barcode that is unique for your student's Magnus Health Account and the requirement. This barcode ensures your records are uploaded to the correct account for the appropriate requirement. Please ensure you submit the appropriate coversheet for each of your child's requirements by confirming the requirement name on the coversheet matches the requirement forms that are submitted with it. 

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