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What is the Medical Record Archive

From the Front Desk of your account you will see the Icon for your Medical Record Archive. This section of your account was created for you to have access to any documents that you have previously submitted int...

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Medical Exemption

There may be a medical reason that you are unable to receive the meningitis vaccine. In this instance, you simply need to submit a medical exemption. When submitting this type of document, there are a few ite...

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Reason of Conscience Exemption

In some instances, a student may choose not to receive the State of Texas required immunization against meningitis. When doing so, the state has very specific guidelines that a student must follow. For student...

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How to Convert Records into PDF Format

Are you having trouble converting your records to PDF format? One option that users have reported success with is using Microsoft Word to save your records as a PDF file. Tips and Tricks Tip: We accept ...

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How can I update my user demographics

When you need to make an update to the email address or any of your user demographics that we have on file for you, there are a few ways to complete this task. If you have access into your Magnus account, at t...

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Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions regarding terms and policies these can be found by clicking the link “Terms and Conditions” when initially accessing your account.

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